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About Us

How We Started ?

Ortotek Orthopedics , started to serve in 2000 by a team of specialist physiotherapists and prosthetic orthosis technicans with more than 30 years of experience in their branches in order to make quality artificial limb (prosthesis) applications for disabled people who need it in the health care sector and to provide supportive quality device (orthosis) applications to disabled people with loss of function in the limb.

We have documented our quality service principle in all conditions with ISO-9001 , ISO-13485 , TS-12426 , TS-13181 quality certificates.

As an effort to add new ones to the services started as the main activity center of prothesis orthosis application center , distrubutorships were taken and the products started to be used in patient applications in order to maket he products of manufacturers serving the sector all over the world and producing technological quality products available to disabled people in Turkey.

Our center , which started its service with the aim of making advanced , quality patient applications only within its own body , expanded its distributorship and created a professional sales network , taking into account that other application centers in the sector do not reach products at sufficient speed and quality. At the same time , technical support was started to be offered to the application centers that needed it .


How Do We Proceed ?

Production projects were carried out to reduce imports with the awareness that all products offered to other application centers are imported and imports , even if they are compulsory purchases , are a burden for the national economy. Production activities were started by making the basic products used in workshops. After the firts trials , some of the products with world-class quality started to be produced . These products , which were produced , started to be exported to European Countries , Balkan Countries , Baltic Republics , Africa , Middle East , Canada , America , Turkish Republics and some countries it the Far East through distributors using our domestic market presentation experience. These are ;

Which Areas Are We In?

With its current corportate structure , Ortotek Orthopedics provides services in 5 basic departments .
These are ;

  • Prosthesis – Orthosis application and rehabilitation studies
  • Import , distributorship services
  • Technical support
  • Domestic production
  • Export (55 countries)



To provide high quality service to patients from all steps of life , to serve our country by creating jobs in the health sector , to ensure the continuous development of our staff and to work happily in safety.



Ortotek continues its work with its vision , which is recognized internationally , follows world-class , modern innovations and leads innovations , provides health care to the needy , on time , without sacrificing quality , and increases quality domestic production by taking into account national interests , providing the highest quality , equal service to all our patients and application centers at home and abroad , and meeting all expectations.


Where Are We?

We continue our services with our center and production unit in Ankara and our branch located in İstanbul.


Head Office

Address:Ziya Gökalp Cad. 68/21 06660 Öncebeci/Ankara/TURKEY
Telephone:+90 312 430 18 30
Fax:+90 312 430 18 31
E-mail:[email protected]


İstanbul Branch

Address:Molla Gürani Mah. Molla Gürani Cad. No. 22 Fındıkzade, Fatih/İstanbul/TURKEY
Telephone:+90 (212) 621 2174
E-mail:[email protected]



Address:Serhat Mah. 1375. Sok. No:10 İVEDİK OSB/Ankara/TURKEY
Telephone:+90 312 393 03 92
Fax:+90 312 393 03 93
E-mail:[email protected]

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