Ortotek is specialized in the manufacture and distribution of prosthetic and orthotic products. As a complete manufacturer with a wide range of some products, we can respond flexibly to the different customer requirements. The headquarter in Ankara with its own development departments and production & innovation center for high qualified products . In order to meet the demands of a growing market, our processes determine the latest process technologies and innovative high-tech products. All new developments are based on our more than 25 years of experience and include new findings through the regular exchange with research and development.

Our many years of experience in cross-border goods processing distinguish ourselves in international business as a reliable trading partner. In addition to leading as a manufacturer of Turkish domestic market ,we are currently exporting to over 55 countries ranging from the United States of America and the European States to Middle East, African countries to provide more mobility, innovation and quality for life.

Ortotek is keeping up the momentum through significant levels of investment in R&D.

Our key areas of expertise includes hydraulic valves, silicone, carbon composits and mechanics.

As 0rtotek, we are pleased to provide service to you with all the experience and skills at our disposal.

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